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court_1York Urbanist prepares business plans, site plans and operations for recreation facilities.  Complexes can include varieties of recreation facilities, but our    philosophy is to ensure that the facilities are complementary.  When incompatibility is required such as an arena with pool, then measures must be taken to ensure there is separation due to heat loss/gain and for interaction between participants for each.  Recreation activities become sport activities. For years, curling was respected as an ultimate leisure for older adults.  lions camp buildingToday, the inclusion of curling as an Olympic sport has required their athletes to become fit.  Accordingly, a gymnasium and general fitness facility can complement the curling rink as much as it will benefit hockey players.

2009Nov29_2572Outdoor meets indoor in a compatible manner.  The edges of a building should become blurred as cross-over training is used in many sports.  For recreation, there is nothing more desirable in a pool setting than a wall of glass or even an opening to the outdoors. Vaughan-20120331-00387

Trails are perhaps the highest utility and use for money spent.  You will find trails planning/designs in http://yorkurbanist.com/trails/. Circuits of trails provide the opportunity for training, sport and recreation – more versatile than any other facility.