York Urbanist

Muskoka Room

Sometimes a project comes along that you cannot turn down.  That was the case for the estate home in Muskoka. The enormous deck was improperly concocted and waved like the Toronto Waterfront Deck, but not in such a designed fashion.  Beams were giving, and gave, way but the location was perfect and the views outstanding.  Like much of Muskoka, though, lounging is shortened by black flies and mosquitos. Solution: The Muskoka Room. Anticipating a conservative choice of construction, two concept variations were composed.

Perspective-A-redThe first was a peaked roof, standard construction with views surrounding the four screen walls.  Set aside was the hot tub.  This construction was an easy build, least costly and the likely choice…. or so I thought. Perspective-B-red


The second was more dramatic. A single sloped pitch allowed there to be screen from eaves to sill, providing a full length view of the 40 foot white pine to the east of the outdoor room.




The roof line also directed the eye of the visitor outside the room to an isolated hot tub location, that seemingly hung over the precipice of the lower deck. The conservative choice was not in the running.  The client jumped at the design concepts and swallowed hard on the extra cost to enjoy the great outdoors.  The rest is in the photos.