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Happy Rolph's Petting Farm – Week 7

New Horse Shelter – Stone Pier features announce entry to the visitor areas








Week 7

No park project proceeds in accordance with schedule and plans, but the Parks Department of the City of St. Catharines can take pride in realizing the renovation of Happy Rolph’s Petting Farm, not only on schedule, but also within budget. Stuart Green and Mike Wilson oversaw the project with York Urbanist.  Stevensville Lawn Service were the contractors.

Adjustments were made during construction, albeit minor in nature.
Sometimes products are not always what a designer imagined.  System Fencing provided horse fencing. The twisted metal mesh fence seemed ideal for keeping horses in and separating visitors from the animals.  The ends of wires twisted for connections of the mesh were ultimately a hazard for scraping small hands and welded wire mesh was the replacement.
Although it was designed that goats could have direct contact with the young visitors, a late change added a double fence to that area as well. The children ultimately will have direct contact in the special paddock.  These changes did not faze the contractor, Stevensville, whose foreman Rich Barry and project manager Wally Healey were obliging and prompt in their response.
The Petting Farm opens May 19, the plan all along.
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Thanks to SJMA Architecture’s Ed VanderMaarel and Mike Holt http://www.sjma-arch.ca/home.html