York Urbanist

Curling Facilities

A four or six sheet curling facility typically includes:

  • Ice shed with back and side boards;
  • Concrete base to accommodate off-season uses;
  • Truck access;
  • 1500sf lounge (minimum);
  • Bar and Kitchen, sometimes combined;
  • Changerooms and washrooms;
  • Mechanical Room;
  • Code requires accessibility;
  • Vestibule entry that separates traffic between lounge and changerooms, emergency access to rink.

Curling Facilities can generate profits or operate as a not-for-profit business.  Normal breakeven for a ‘club’ facility requires at least 85 club members per ice sheet, at current Eastern Canadian and Alberta membership fees.  Understanding the connectivity of the ice shed activities to the lounge and changerooms is critical to a successful business plan. For business plans, Construction Details and assistance with construction detailing, contact York Urbanist at [email protected] See more curling related projects: http://yorkurbanist.com/curling/curling-arena-style/ and http://yorkurbanist.com/curling/curling-two-sheets-to-four-sheets/ and http://yorkurbanist.com/2014/10/27/death-and-life-of-a-curling-club/