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Curling – Arena Style

More than 3/4 of the curling programs in the United States are hosted in hockey arenas. In Europe, dedicated curling facilities are few and therefore arena curling is the predominant venue for the sport.  Scotland may be the exception to the rule, where the sport holds its heritage. Switzerland and Sweden also boast dedicated facilities.

Major events around the globe are all held in arenas. The expertise of ice-making makes the WCT and World Championship events ideal for the one to two weeks duration of those renowned events. Glen Howard’s team (2012 World Champions) revels on the perfect ice conditions of those temporary conditions, while the games on dedicated facilities can be complicated by swings, picks and rutting occurs with the regular club use on dedicated facilities.

The question was asked: Could arenas be used more regularly for curling? Could the ice surface actually be used simultaneously by skating and curling?

The answer: By taking an Olympic size hockey arena, one could create three curling sheets and still have 5 to 7 metres of ice available surrounding the curling for recreation ice skating. Have a look at our image below. 

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