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This is the fourth segment in a series of creating a hypothetical and entrepreneurial approach to rebuilding the sport of curling in the fictional community of Aasvogel, Ontario. It follows from: http://yorkurbanist.com/recreation/curling/curling-a-recreation-to-a-business/marketing/  If you have questions or you are considering reconstruction or building a facility, contact Mark Inglis by email [email protected] . Watch for future articles that will discuss HR, operations, programs and changing with trends in curling.

Building Plans are your primary Marketing Tools

Developing your building plans will give your potential members or investors a sense that this is a serious project.  Developing a graphic plan in itself is an investment. The plans and sketches should excite and engage the people who will use the facility.  The plans should be simple and the Organizing Group should be prepared to answer financial questions, such as the cost to construct, cost to individual users and timing of the construction.  The preliminary budget found in the Business Plan – Part 2 page is the starting point: http://yorkurbanist.com/recreation/curling/curling-a-recreation-to-a-business/the-business-plan-part-2/

Building Floor Plan4 sheet floor plan




Building Elevationselevations.jpg



Building SketchesBlaine Minnesota CC

Examples of Successful Facilities                       

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