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Curling for Economic Stimulus

What do you think is the economic stimulus of a world curling tour event?  Description: Small venue, 24 teams of four players and a coach, capacity of 250 persons viewing… Dismiss not this valuable commodity.  Consider this: The Total Economic Impact is comprised of Direct and Indirect expenditures. There are also Induced values. Direct Impacts result from expenditures by the organizing committee  and provincial curling association. The expenditures include:

  • employment of staff
  • goods and services to run the event
  • provisions to volunteers and organizers
  • marketing expenses

Indirect Impacts result from the expenditures by individual participants in the event such as volunteers (est. 75), players/coaches (100+), officials (5), families/friends of participants (100+), other visitors (150+) primarily spending on:

  • Hotels
  • Meals
  • Beverages
  • Transportation: fuel; maintenance; rental
  • other externalities

Induced Impacts results from the employees and local residents purchasing good and services during the event, external to normal purchasing. This is a difficult number to evaluate, but assumptions can be made that this event stimulates spending on things other than what happened at the Arena or Curling Club.  The resulting profits from the event will further be expended to improve the Curling Club.  It is the Induced Impacts that warrant the Municipality’s encouragement to sports groups to be active. And what of the local, provincial and national media attention!!?? There are impacts of which no exact monetary value can be assigned.

To evaluate, consider the time over which planning and actual tournament operations occur.  The planning is one year for a 4-5-day event.

Travel Impact Industry General Weight
Accommodations 85%
Food Services 20%
Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation 50%
Retail 5%
Ground Transportation 13%

IMG_00003041Without getting into the evaluative details, a World Curling Tour event will generate over  $250,000 into the local economy.  This is not a minor economic generator for any population centre.  The organizers are to be commended for their diligence and community spirit.  Take that to your councilors and area businesses to generate sponsorship and advertising income.

If you desire further detail regarding the evaluation, you can contact Mark Inglis at [email protected]

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