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Given the positive response to the Scotties Economic Generation model, let’s look at the small scale events held in a curling facility. Fayaz-037[1]

Every Curling Club executive should know that they impact the community in which they operate! From the one day bonspiel to the weeklong event, you are aiding the community. Your volunteer hours are translating into far-reaching financial gains.  And you have to let your municipal council know that!

Start with the one day spiel in a four sheet arena:

Your entry fees and the bar are yours to keep.  But think about it. Before your players have entered the ice rink, you have already initiated the financial wheels.  You purchased flyers (printing), ordered food (deposits), and stocked the bar in readiness. You paid your ice maker, who, in turn, has purchased items to get himself to the facility (Induced Impact) and there are sunk ice-making costs that previously moved funds within the city or town.  Perhaps we are starting with a complicated set of financials.  The following will simplify your club’s value to the community as Direct and Indirect Impacts

Direct Impacts  Items included Value
Marketing Signs, printing, tickets, media $  200
Meals 4 sheets, two draws, 64 people, 128 meals $2,560
Drinks 2 drinks per game, three games $1,920
Accommodation Allow one room per sheet per draw $  800
Indirect Impacts    
Travel 2 cars per team, 40km average distance $1,024
Equipment Allow $200 per team $  320
Ancillary Spending Allow $200 per team $  320
TOTAL $7,144

This was the simple math.  Your one-day spiel is worth over $7000 to your community.  Take that to them. Your local BIA or municipal government should be willing to sponsor your club to the tune of 10%, small cost for the value of the impact you are having ON JUST ONE DAY!

But Wait!

What if we calculated a two-day or three-day event? Interestingly, the value is not just $7000 times the number of days.  For the two day event, you now add in accommodations, five meals per participant, more ancillary spending and participants who come greater distances for a bigger event.  Without boring you with dollar minutiae, the Direct and Indirect Impacts are now $17,000 to your community.

Your three-day spiel adds another layer to the impacts – the spectators and followers of the participants. Your audience to the event adds an equivalent number of spenders to your community. Now the impact has a value of $53,000. This is the ammunition you need to get sponsors.  Remember, you are helping them.  At 10%, for a three day spiel, you should be able to get over $5,000 in sponsorship money….for their economic good! And now start counting the entry fees that go back into your club! You’re richer than you think.

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