York Urbanist

Islington Avenue, Kleinburg

Islington Crossing watercolourA new way of looking at streets: Islington Avenue Park Islington Avenue connects the Village of Kleinburg with Major Mackenzie. There are few examples of a less attractive gateway. It defies planning principles. It costs excessive maintenance fees.

Fence damageState-of-the-art Fences are deteriorating and new fences lend no design or connective appeal.  The street is at capacity for recreation use because of narrow sidewalk (one side only). Yet overtures and a master plan to improve this unattractive route to McMichael Gallery remain unheeded.   That is about to change, as a group called “Trees For Kleinburg” develops the ideas for transformation of the street into AN ART PARK.Knoxville-20130607-00732



Related to this are the concepts of Integrated Streets, Complete Streets and Shared Streets.  As an example: http://yorkurbanist.com/what-is-urban-design/integrated-streets/; and http://completestreetsforcanada.ca/ Trees For Kleinburg started the initiative with a Pilot Project.  More is to come. colour drawing