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2020 to 2021 – CURLING REBIRTH – Part 3

December 8th, 2020


In August, 2020, CurlON produced an excellent checklist for reopening for the 2020 season amidst the Covid-19 pandemic.  Sadly, the season was lost due to the general public’s disregard of social distancing and other government recommendations.  But reopening for next season is likely to occur.

  • Many of our curling manias …and systems …and mindsets will change, or, at least, we will have opened our minds to change. This is a good thing.
  • Doubles and Triples will become mainstream;
  • New ways to enjoy curling will be visited.
  • Cleaning will become top-of-mind.
  • That first time of meeting again should be, well….. outstanding!
  • The world should know that we are back, so shout out about the opening on social media.

The response to reopening will be different depending on your involvement in the sport.

Recreation playersgravenhurst-20110715-00212

  • Fun will return to the game not only with reopening, but also with the anticipated changes to the game.
  • The after-game revelry will return. It will be the club’s option to introduce new post-curling activities, but you must embrace change to enhance the social environment.
  • Faster games of triples and doubles will be a good introduction for new players who come to your club as a couple or singly. Your social leagues could become six ends to reinforce the social time post-game.

Competitive players

  • Get ready to return to pre-Covid schedules, but post-Covid protocols.
  • Training will include expanded and/or new events of doubles and triples. The Canadian Olympic Council would support additional events in curling, so, they could get Olympic recognition.
  • FitNutCurler has continued to educate curlers about fitness through her website and social media. Fitness, curling related, could provide a connection with


In December 2020, it was reported from Port Elgin Curling Club, Ontario, that membership during the pandemic initially dropped by 40% because of members fearing the pandemic, but the net increase in the club membership is 30%!  The world outside the confines of your curling facility is waiting at your doors. The reason can be explained by:

  • Isolation in 2020 needs to be countered by an active and social 2021
  • Curling has continued to have a presence on social media
  • Curling is growing internationally.
  • Curling is a life-long sport and can be participated interactively by generations of families


Before your club reconvenes:

  • Recap the costs of the 2020-21 season, much of which was not business as usual.
  • Review your facility: mechanical; electrical; structural. If one of your sunk costs is staff, use them to perform the facility review.
  • Reconfirm the Board of directors. Like the members of the club, they need some invigoration.
  • Have each Board director re-plan their area of responsibility to include in your Business Plan for next season.
  • Review your 10 year Business Plan. It has surely been affected by this pandemic.
  • Innovate your program by including changes to leagues, length of league schedules, reduce time on ice for recreation players, invest in curling instruction, and provide practice time.on ice with covid ruleshttp://yorkurbanist.com/2020/12/08/2020-to-2021-curling-rebirth-part-3/?preview=true&preview_id=2501&preview_nonce=d847f2cfa5

Also see our demographic analysis: http://yorkurbanist.com/curling/curling-facility-design/curling-facilities-and-demographics-trends-2015/

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