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2020 to 2021 – CURLING REBIRTH – Part 2

December 8th, 2020


Inoculations have begun as the basis for future success. The markets, in November 2020, are suggesting a strong rebound of the North American economy.  Governments will have the challenge of budgeting. How will taxation change? What will the budget anticipate from tax sources? Will government assistance continue? .. and in what manner?Calgary club ice and rock

Recreational curling will not open until municipalities allow their residents to return to normal activities. Even private clubs will be reticent to open for a shortened season.  Most Volunteer boards, faced with a changed social and physical environment, will hesitate and defer opening until Fall, 2021. Elite players will continue to train, waiting for each succession of curling events to emerge.


With clubs closed, and with a vaccine program started, what is your plan for reopening?

Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau suggested on November 27, 2020, that the majority of Canadians will be inoculated by September 2021.  Given that curling seasons for most clubs start early October, we have to be happy…right? What will your club do prior to the vaccine?

Normal will not return! The pandemic will be etched into every future program that is proposed.

Business as usual will suggest that you send out applications in August.  But, with a market that has been once bitten, will they apply?  There is work to do. The work starts now! The 2020-21 season is all but canceled.  The work of the boards of directors is not. Here are some suggestions about the boards’ duties:

  • Keep the membership informed.  Have you considered reopening in January?  If so, have you told the members that that is a possibility?
  • Maintain enthusiasm of the sport. Curling is a social sport and, as such, needs nurturing.
  • The moment you know you are reopening, get the word out by email, FaceBook, phone and mail to those without computers (some still do not have that apparatus).
  • Daytime curlers may be seniors who feel isolated by the pandemic and its endemic government policies.  Set up a system of a calling tree.  A board member calls five key individuals and gives them an assignment to call 5 people.  That connects 25 seniors with two calls.  One more level and 125 members have been called and informed.
  • Evening curlers are more likely to correspond by email or text.  Send a directive from the board to those by email and text to say we are opening on _______(date)__________. Also tell them about how their fees or the clubs surplus has been used to provide for those less privileged.

Once the club reopening date is identified, what will be the changes in protocols?

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