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Cycle Route Innovations

April 22nd, 2015

Following on the suggestion in my post March 3, 2015, and because we were questioned at Vaughan BUG as to why we would deign to suggest a cycle route alongside a 400 series highway, here then is vindication. solar bike path on highwayA solar array has been added to the cycle lane in Korea.  The array provides shelter to the cyclists and, constructed in the middle of the highway, provides exposure to the need for active transportation.  Not only that! The life of the pavement will be extended and there is an income producing property in the form of energy recovery.

If not overhead, then there are innovative solar pavements. Bikes will not wear pavements like heavier vehicles. If we are nervous about innovating, then why not a trial section to power the lights required for the highway? When the resources are discovered, then the power generated could be directed to runoff water from the asphalt being treated in a solar-powered facility. Remember the elevated wetlands on the Don Valley Parkway?20131128-Elevated-Wetlands[1]

Now why can’t Ontario and Canada be innovators?!? Give your transportation engineers some challenges for the GTA West Corridor. Have them collaborate with scientists to salvage something from the clear cutting of the Greenbelt.  If we can pay $1 billion for six lanes of pollution and noise producing facilities, surely we can pay $5 million for a complementary cycle facility.  And just maybe, we could innovate at the same time. Cycle lift for hills

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