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Evaluating Economics of Sports Stadia

July 19th, 2012

Single use sports stadia make little economic sense. I blogged previously on Pittsburgh’s obsession http://yorkurbanist.com/2012/07/pittsburgh-day-2-contd/. A little digging might establish the information that would reveal how much each of the four distinct sports facilities loses.

I have made recommendations on sports facilities in the past, mostly hockey arenas and curling facilities.  Inevitably, the sport body must consider adjunct uses in its economic planning for the facilities. The single sport tends to have limitations to use times and variety. Most sports cannot fill all time slots, but with some creativity in programming, the building utilization can be increased to make an economically viable operation.
However, Markham Ontario is considering a major arena. Justification for Markham is that if we build it then a possible NHL franchise could land…. but what if it does not? There are many large entertainment venues in Ontario, let alone in Toronto area.
I think Dr. Rotthoff is right on! Think about this Markham.

PNC Park, Pittsburgh


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