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October 7th, 2011

Where? Woodbine Avenue, North of Ravenshoe Road – the NEW’ KESWICK

What? This Multilane thoroughfare will, in ten years, become part of the urban fabric as Keswick leapfrogs the road.

Why? Woodbine Avenue is the vanilla of all that was bad about urban planning. With broad lanes, traffic is compelled to exceed the speed limits imposed. Who would not travel quickly through this space? The detestable, uncreative architecture and fences ask that we look elsewhere. Add to that the ubiquitous Tim Horton’s vernacular and a concreted skate park and you have a fabricated, unplanned circus, not a Cirque de Soleil vision.

How is this an Urban Place to Detest? Town of Georgina is repeating the mistakes of the past with subdivisions divided by noise walls from regional roads, and dotted with suburban strip malls severed from the community. The designs are compelled more by engineering and operations directives than by creative planning. A more attractive street that slows its traffic by rote could compel the drivers to turn into Keswick rather than bypassing it. Where is the economic development team? Where are the visionaries in politics?

From this website comes a photo and comment from a 23 year-old pertinent to this argument: http://www.photojunkie.ca/archive/2008/01/keswick-shell-station/

“More importantly, do you think we will still be using gasoline in 50 years?”


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