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400 series Highway pet peeves

November 17th, 2011
Transportation issues

Can you relate? I tend to drive, um, slightly above the marked speed limit, but I always keep to the right lane if not passing.

Pet peeve: drivers who obey the speed limit and determine that since they are at the limit, they are allowed to travel in the passing lane (ostensibly to control speeders, I suppose). Due to my slightly over the limit in the right lane, I find myself passing sometimes on the right (not a good move, but I am trying to unplug traffic). And I am not the only like driver.

Consequences: Mine is not road rage, but quiet perseverence. However, there are others – unfeathered birds are flying. Last week I was given not only the bird but that LOOK, for passing a 95kpm’er on the right. But this week, it was a Lexus driver that flipped the bird to a 100kpm’er in the left lane…. right after he took the lead and applied the brakes to make sure the driver knew that he was enraged with the intolerable activity of travelling the speed limit in the ‘passing lane’.
Have you any like highway stories?