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GTA West Corridor – Replacing lost Cycle Routes

March 10th, 2015

vaughan ped and cycling MP snip

In addition to the previous post, The GTA West Corridor Study principles miss a critical impact to recreation. The Pedestrian and Cycling Master Plan for the City of Vaughan proposes four significant cycling routes through the corridor study area.

Teston Road has been identified as a paved shoulder for cycling.  Kirby Road is a cycle route. King Vaughan Line includes a signed cycling route and across the middle, along the Gas Pipeline corridor, a multi-use trail is proposed. 

So what happens to those accesses….. at the very least, the ministry should understand the significance of recreation and potential for alternative active transportation to relieve the congestion that future Highway 413 exacerbates.  Yes, the highway exacerbates congestion by encouraging suburban development instead of allowing for intensification.

The other north south access route along the Humber River between Bolton and Kleinburg has been identified by the GTA West Corridor study, but no concrete design principles have been identified. This study should at very least put money into the proposed cycle routes or create a parallel multi-use trail within the highway and transitway corridor.  Currently, there is no east to west access across Vaughan. Miss this opportunity and Vaughan becomes impassable by any mode but a motorized vehicle.

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