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January 25th, 2015

Katrina Collins received the OCA sportsmanship award voted by all the players. A richly deserved honour garnered an unexpectedly emotional reaction before the final round robin game. Perhaps it had an impact on the game which followed, the only loss for Team Hastings. Youngest teams Romain and Kee made statements that there is a new generation biting at the heels of the established Teams Middaugh and Hastings.

Penetang CC could not have been more obliging in their hospitality. The players were treated like royalty. Stories abound about the drivers who stopped at nothing to help these athletes. They stayed past 3am on Saturday morning to escort home the weary party-goers. The athletes loved the one-man band, and the treats in the locker rooms (we outsiders should not know about). The locker rooms, although tight became a place of refuge from the crowds of fans one storey up.

OCA listens – An open meeting allowed the curling fraternity to have a say in how competitions can be enhanced. The women of the sport want to see a larger venue. Notwithstanding the warmth and generosity of Penetang CC, they could have sold more seats. Ticket issuing became one of its biggest challenges. There was agreement from those whom I interviewed that the event needs a comprehensive business plan to warrant an arena. Enough said… they listened.

Media censorship? – This column was never edited. The committee took a chance that I would fairly report what happened during the 2015 Ontario Scotties, and behind the scenes, it was something special.

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