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Words at the Scotties

January 24th, 2015

Blackshirts – Look for one of those identifiable volunteers wearing one when you need something. They deliver.

Blanket People – The stalwarts on the edge of Ice 1 who have the fashion footwear booties peeking out from the grey blankets (available for $15). They are unidentifiable having covered the uppermost parts with scarves and toques.

Linesmen – Arrive earlier than one hour prior to the draw, and there they stand outside in a line, in the parking lot, in the cold with toques and scarves…. Not to be confused with Blanket People, because Linesmen want to be inside, behind the glass.

Local Heroes – These are variously the Blackshirts or ones with the last name Howard. Carly reporting on Curling Geek, Glenn on Rogers and SportsNet or Scott just there supporting curling.

Equity – The Scotties teams favored by the media to win are losing unexpectedly to up-and-comers… a sign that there are future stars in the teams at 3-6 and 4-5. Had the last game of the evening ended differently, there was a possibility that only one team would be out of the playoffs – a potential nightmare scenario for the Scotties organizers, averted when Team Harrison won a thriller over defending Team Flaxey.

Change – The OCA organized a discussion venue for change to the Scotties (and other event) playdowns. This is a new direction for OCA which was, until 2014, an unchanging Big Brother to curlers now under the guidance of Dale Curtis. No decisions made, but at least dialogue with the players it affects. Surprise witness to the event was Rachel Homan… important enough to arrive unannounced from Ottawa.


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