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Musings of a Curling Tourist – 2015 Ontario Scotties

January 22nd, 2015

Traffic Signals –Please tell me why I have to stop at every one of the five lights on the way back to the hotel from the Scotties? One of the lights seems to be a left turn advance into one of the many area Tim’s. The only explanation seems to be that Traffic Engineers have a mandate to control the 10-minute weekday rush period, only to adversely impact the weekend tourist… or is this a ploy to get me to stop for a donut?

Mike and Glenn – Penetanguishene Scotties landed two world renowns in the curling world to telecast Penetang Sherry’s game. Glenn once owned the provincial men’s Tankard and Mike is an Olympian and Sportsnet television host. Curiously (and based on behind-the-glass interviews), the television audience waits to see which of the superstars is going to be first to disparage the women’s strategy.

Sherry – The music world has its one named stars – Cher; Madonna; Drake… Well, Penetang is not to be outdone. The media has tracked her down and written and recorded every blond hair flip of the local curling wonder woman. Can she withstand the notoriety and raise her arms in victory on Sunday? Just for the record, there are 9 other skips: Shannon; Megan; Danielle; Allison; Clancy; Jaqueline; Julie; Caitlin; and, Rhonda.

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