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Ontario Curling Playdowns

January 5th, 2015

Given the result of Region 3, Howard is out of provincial playdowns, perhaps this will be the impetus needed to move OCA to change not only the Tankard but all the other events which have lost relevance.  Only then can we see more enthusiasm from the Ontario contingent of players.  The problem currently:

  • poor venues for zones and regions
  • uneven numbers of teams in zones (and even Scotties Regions in 2015)
  • participation is shrinking (no chance to win, or is it inconvenience of playdowns?)
  • overlapping events, e.g. one event’s zones may conflict with another’s regions.
  • paying a second OCA fee for parachuting to a zone in which not all players are members of the club system.
  • Olympic year impedance to schedules.

996707_10202680598075595_923519407_n Here are some suggestions:

  • Return the defending team (minimum 3 players from the returning team);
  • Three tiers of bonspiels, established from the OCT/WCT from which teams can earn points toward entry. Top 3 teams in the point system get direct entry;
  • Four regional playdowns, not based on club locations, but on player preferences, and all held on the same weekend. Maximum 16 teams in each region. If one region is full, then teams may relocate dependent on their time of entry.  Top two from each region qualify.

By allowing bonspiels to be eligible for points, entries/demand will increase.  This could translate into more spiels and more curlers in Ontario. By having regions on one weekend, there is a fairness of entry.  Assign four quality ice makers to each venue to ensure comparable and good ice. Three tiers of spiels could belogo

  1. WCT event results;
  2. OCT event results, within which the results are dependent on depth of field and numbers; and
  3. Other events including other age groups.  OJCT has already got a system of ranking that works.

Play the provincials at a venue that bids based on the quality of facility and in anticipation of a realistic number of spectators. Calgary club ice and rock

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